We help building new and developing already running innovation companies.

The name “Capinvest 21” has an important meaning: we invest in companies that work with 21st century technology.

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Our main goal is to help building new and developing already running innovation companies in order to expand market relations, build respectable homeland and foreign companies and maximize investors’ earnings. Before 2015 we were investing in real sector of economy, predominantly into oil and gas companies, thus we are confident in this sphere and what’s more important we have connections. Since 2015 our company is focused on innovation projects, which we help to increase capitalization and maximize profits.

We neither play stock nor exchange markets. We invest in businesses, which we fully understand and for which we can offer something more than just money, but our knowledge, connections and experience. We are interested in microfinance (starting with $25000) for promising startups. That’s why we founded Capinvest 21 Seed Venture Fund I. We use economic-mathematical models and instruments of financial forecasting to choose which project is good for investing. We also always trust our guts while choosing a project.

We choose promising projects, help them to run their companies and raise their capital. We come from Tyumen, Siberia, but we work around the world. In addition our company’s priority is to fund startups from CIS, MENA and Asia. We not only provide you with finance, we also help you to successfully run your projects. Capinvest 21 can be a profile investor for already existing companies, which long for further development and need funding.

Company’s Managing partner

Andrey Orlov

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Andrey has wide experience of managing real sector of economy companies in various spheres: production, logistics and construction. Moreover he started, developed and then sold several businesses himself.

Until 2004 he had two successful startups focusing on mobile devices – a communications store Mobilnik and a distributor of digital devices DigitalFree.

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During 2003-2006 he founded and developed an Internet based solutions company. He also worked as a CEO of Russian online auto-platform AVTOtyumen.

From 2006 to 2008 he was working for various oil and gas companies in the Tyumen region as a marketing and sales specialist. During the same period of time he also founded a company specialized in transport and logistics (the company was sold in 2013).

In 2008 he joined Capinvest 21 and started working on its projects.

2008-2011 were the years when Andrey took part in development of different Capinvest 21’s portfolio projects. These projects were from such sectors of economy as oil and gas pipeline construction, detailed engineering, commerce and information services.

In 2013-2014 he was the head of a production company — steel production plant Tyumen-Module.

Since 2015 he acts as a managing partner of Capinvest 21.

Andrey has degrees from two Tyumen Universities: Tyumen State University (Information Technology) and Tyumen State University of Architecture and Construction (Economy and Finance).

Company’s partner

Vyacheslav Sorokin

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Vyacheslav helps the company to build strong relations with its partners and contractors (including GR), he is also responsible for the technical side of our portfolio projects. In addition to all of the above, he has experience of working in the power industry.

Vyacheslav has vast experience of direct sales and marketing. Before joining Capinvest 21, he had worked in offline business. He is an entrepreneur with 16 years of experience and 3 own service industry startups in Ural Federal District.

Since 2013 he acts as Capinvest 21’s partner.

V.Sorokin and A.Orlov at Innopolis IT-Park


Since 2015 we have a different investments, such as

GDE 247

Goods Delivery Express 24×7 (GDE247) — delivery service for e-commerce. The service integrated with taxi and provide delivery to 40 minutes

Paymon [exit]

Paymon — blockchain platform with Hive business system and cryptomessenger.


Service Cheapmedia is made to simplify the process of buying advertising for your company. It allows you to quickly and efficiently make an advertising campaign. In order to do that you will only need to press one button.


It is an online service that connect e-commerce with their customers. TMS 1 brings together buyers and sellers, making their partnership more effective and insightful.


Smartofood is working with HoReCa and help them to growth with own IT-platform for delivery services.

Preppy Form

Online shop and e-commerce platform for brands of school & youth uniform that offers bespoke tailoring. It also makes and distributes Preppy Style school uniforms.

Factoroil [exit]

FinTech marketplace for oil and gas industry suppliers

FinShi [closed]

First cryptocurrency venture fund. Founded at 2017. Shutdown at 2019


E-Commerce cloud fulfillment platform with warehouse centres (CIS, Europe and Central Asia).


Capinvest 21 invest in

Our investment activities are focused in, but not limited to, the following areas:

We are helping ambitious teams to bring their ideas to life. We bring them good earnings by sharing our specialists’ accumulated experience and vast resources of the company.

Capinvest 21 Seed Venture Fund I was founded in 2015 by a group of private investors. At an early stage we invest in projects that have an interesting idea and a prototype of their product and help them to raise their value and reach a stable growth.

We are helping ambitious teams to bring their ideas to life. We bring them good earnings by sharing our specialists’ accumulated experience and vast resources of the company.

Basic terms to be able to receive financing from us:
1. Potential value of your project on the market is not less than $100 000 000
2. Working technology \ prototype and possibility of showing it
3. Clear business-model and ways to earn money
4. A strong experienced team with vast knowledge of the sphere they work in

We invest from $25 000 to $250 000 in one project